How to Repair and Restore Corrupted QuickBooks Database?

Quickbooks software is one of the famous accounting software around the world. Other then while it does not work properly, it makes an error and then it seems to be so difficult to deal with it. There can be some main reason behind errors in QuickBooks software such as networking issues, corrupted data files, running an old edition of the software, improper installation of the software, firewall issues, and so on. Each and every users must always have a on a daily basis backup of a QuickBooks data file. After that when your data becomes corrupted or showing  any error during to open it, then you can restores  all the data from the earlier day’s backup. Everyone knows the importance of backing up your financial data.

Error maseges :When you access the Quickbooks company file, then you will see the error messages such a “QuickBooks is attempting to open this Company file. Before you can open the company file from your computer you must first open the company file on the computer where the company file is located. (-6177, 0)”. When error points out that QuickBooks could not follow the path to open the company file, that’s  the reason behind the error.

How to get rid from this problem: Here are available some method to resolve the problem. It is possible that the first method is resolve your issues, in other condition if that mehod is not works then you can try another methods. You shuold have to try these methods , it will help you .

Method 1: Move the file to the local hard drive:

  • First go to the file from server to local C drive.
  • Open the file in QuickBooks from the C drive.
  • Need to create portable file: Follow these steps


  • Launch QuickBooks and select Create Copy.
  • Now select Portable company file from the File menu and click
  • Click the Save in drop-down arrow and select C drive to save it.
  • Click Save and OK two times. The file will be saved with the *.QBM extension.


  • Now close the company file.
  • Restore the portable file: Follow these steps to restore the portable file
  • Start the QuickBooks and Select Open or Restore Company file from the file menu.
  • Now choose Restore a portable file (.QBM) option and then click the Next
  • In the Open Portable Company File window, choose your portable company file saved to the C drive and click Open button.
  • Now you can open the file and stores the data in this file where do you want to restores the file, Now DON’T need to overwrite your existing company file. You can rename the file in the next window.
  • Now click on Next.
  • Click the Save in drop-down arrow and choose location server to save it.
  • Change the file name as necessary.
  • Click on save button to complete the restoring of QuickBooks portable file.
  • In Most of the cases, this method easily resolves the error. If you do not get any result then try to the next method.

Method 2: Resolve Error -6177, 0 manually:

  • Go to the system that store Quickbook company
  • Delete the network Description file which is automatically open
  • Open the folder that contain QuickBooks company file.
  • Set the file with .ND extension
  • Right click on .ND file then click delete
  • Arrange the QuickBooks database server manager: Follow the step for configure it.


  • In your system click start button and select Programs in the QuickBooks select QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Click Scan Folders tab then click the Add folder
  • Locate the folder that contain QuickBooks company file and click ok. If you didn’t find the file, then select entire disk.
  • Click Scan And it display will indicate which folders are being scanned.
  • At last click Close while the scanning process is complete.
  • Let’s check the company files access permissions: Make sure the QBDataServiceUserXX has full access to the folder where the company file is stored.
  • At last open the system whereas the error message was displayed


Method 3: Be sure your version of QuickBooks is updated to the latest release:

  • Open the Update to the Latest Release web page and select your product.
  • And follow the instructions of Automatic Updates or Manual Updates to update the product.


Method 4: Run QuickBooks Recovery Software

If the above methods do not resolve the issue, then try Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks software. It is an advanced utility that can easily resolve these types of errors in QuickBooks file. First download the demo version of the software and try to repair your file. If it displays the data of QuickBooks file in its preview, then it means your file has been repaired and to save the recovered data you need to activate the full version of the software.

From any other issues if these above methods are not works properly. Then you can try this efficient Quick book recovery software. This is advance applications which helps you in the quick way and also have surety of its working.

First you have to download their free trial version and try to repair your file, displays the preview, after that you are ready to access your data as well as save too. 


Convert OLM to PST Manually – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Email conversion certainly becomes an essential need if you’re switching from one email client to another. Microsoft provides both of the outlook system these are Outlook for Mac as well as Outlook for Windows. Even as both outlooks have the same features and functions too, but their file formats are different. These Email clients stores data or instructions in different file format such as email messages, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, tasks, appointments, journals as well as attachments. 

Notice: OLM file cannot be open in any version of Windows Outlook. It is only understand PST format. If the user would not have the knowledge of the manual process then, don’t try this procedure. Because if you haven’t the technical knowledge then the manual method is failed. For execute them, you should have to sound knowledge. That’s why this method creates the complexity in the work.

So let’s come to know how to import an OLM file to Windows Outlook in a safe manner, such as without causing any damage or data loss.


Need of OLM to PST conversion:

Here we will discuss that why we need to import OLM to PST,

You were switched on the Mac Outlook previously, but now recently you are using Windows Outlook. Now have need of OLM file in your recent Windows Outlook.

You received an OLM file from another client; you are unable to open this file in your recent Windows outlook while you don’t have Outlook for Mac.

Sometimes, you need to convert OLM to PST format due to any reason. The best solution one can try is professional OLM to PST Converter software. But before using any such paid solution, you should try an easy manual trick to import OLM to Windows Outlook. How? First, you need to setup an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) mail account. This will help you transfer email messages and other content from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.


Simple Way to Setup IMAP Email Account:

It is very simple and easy to create an IMAP account and Gmail is the best option to creating an IMAP account. After the account create, just logged in it and follow the steps.

  • Click Gear button at the right side of the upper corner. Click Settings to go the setting page.
  • At the settings page click Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab shows at the top.
  • Check the IMAP status. If it’s disabled, enable it and click Save Changes
  • This will create an IMAP mail account. Now you need to create Mac Outlook with your IMAP mail account.
  • Open Outlook for Mac., go to Tools >> Accounts.
  • On the accounts page, click Email.
  • Now you need to enter your account information. Type your Email address, Password, and other information. Click Add Account
  • This will successfully add the IMAP mail account.
  • After this, you need to create a Gmail label to synchronize it to the Mac Outlook. To do this, just follow the steps given below:
  • Login Gmail account. Click the Gear button a list will be scrolled down. Click Settings to go to the settings page.
  • On the settings page, click Labels tab at the top.
  • You need to create a new label. To do this, click Create new label 

Note: Make sure the label is shown and the Show in IMAP box is checked.

  • Right after this, you need to go to your Mac Outlook and update the IMAP mailbox by clicking on the Send/Receive


Limitations of this manual solution: 

  • Little risky
  • Time-consuming
  • Requires a sound technical knowledge
  • Ineffective if OLM files are corrupt

These are few common drawbacks of this manual solution of importing OLM data from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

If you are still not able to do this, you can use a third party application like OLM to PST Converter tool. There is no technical skill is required to access this application. This tool not only convert olm to pst file as well as recover deleted emails. Go through a Free trial version and use it. Free trial version will show you the preview of converted data. If you feel that tool is working for your then you need to purchase the full version license.  Download Free Trial version:

Convert OLM to PST Manually – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide